Step into our user-friendly web-based survey tool, meticulously crafted and engineered by senior research engineers to cater to the needs of researchers. More than just a tool for researchers, this platform serves as a crucial asset for consultancy firms, public organizations, students, and individuals on the lookout for a contemporary and adaptable survey solution to optimize their data collection processes.

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Some of the features

Ensure centralized preservation of your research data

Safeguard your accumulated data securely within a self-hosted server located in Falun, Sweden, eliminating reliance on cloud-based storage solutions. This consolidated approach guarantees enhanced data integrity and confidentiality.


Randomization, an essential research technique in online surveys, involves the random assignment of answer options to survey respondents. This method effectively counteracts order bias, which arises from respondents exhibiting a propensity to select the first option when presented with the same order across different respondents. By implementing randomization, researchers can mitigate this bias and ensure the integrity of their survey data.

Survey Logic

Involves the use of conditional branching and skip patterns, which ensure that respondents are directed to relevant questions based on their previous answers. By incorporating survey logic, researchers can customize the survey experience for participants, making the process more efficient and user-friendly.

Public Participation GIS

Incorporate the capabilities of a Public Participation Geographic Information System (GIS) into your survey form. Empower your questionnaire with a comprehensive spatial analysis model specifically designed for geographic questions. The resulting data can be conveniently downloaded as GeoJSON format files, facilitating seamless importation into advanced GIS software such as QGIS or ArcGIS for comprehensive and in-depth analysis.

Pin Style answer

Responses can be configured to enable participants to mark their answer on the map by dropping a pin.

Pin Style answer with a textbox

Responses can be configured to enable participants to drop a pin on the map and input text in a textbox to answer the survey question.

PolyLine Style answer

Responses can be configured to enable participants to create polylines on the map as a way to answer the survey question.

Polygon Style answer

Responses can be configured to let participants sketch polygons on the map as their way of answering the survey question.

Pin Style answer with a radio button or check boxes list

Responses can be configured to enable participants to drop a pin on the map and choose an answer option from a list of radio buttons or checkboxes to answer the survey question.

Adding Geo TIFF file

Including a GeoTIFF file in your study area provides essential spatial information such as coordinates, projections, and spatial extent. This preserves accuracy when overlaying images with other geographic data or maps. Consider incorporating a GeoTIFF file for a more precise and comprehensive representation of your study area.

Geo analysis model, point analysis

Projecting respondents' answers on the map in point format to provide a spatial context to responses, revealing geographic patterns or trends that might be crucial for understanding the regional preferences or behaviors.

Geo analysis model, Heat map analysis

Represents data density or intensity by using color gradients, making it easier to discern patterns, concentrations, or areas of interest within a respondent answer. It quickly highlights trends and allows for rapid interpretation of information, aiding in decision-making, identifying hotspots, or understanding data distributions in a visually intuitive manner.

Statistical analysis model

Elevate your survey capabilities with an embedded statistical analysis model, enabling you to conduct sophisticated statistical and spatial analyses directly within the survey platform. This eliminates the need to download and import your data into external statistical tools, streamlining the analysis process and promoting seamless exploration and interpretation of survey results.

Export data

Effortlessly export the data as either a CSV file or a GeoJSON file, compatible with GIS analysis tools like ArcGIS, QGIS, and other similar software, enabling seamless import for in-depth analysis.

Facilitate collaborative efforts seamlessly

Leverage team-oriented functionalities to effortlessly share and refine your survey within the confines of your team, academic class, or organizational framework.



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Ongoing projects

The study aims to map travel patterns for work and leisure trips in Sälen, Idre, Trysil and Engerdal (SITE) destinations. Using the ATO survey tool, citizens, second home owners and visitors to SITE are asked to elaborate on their travel patterns and identify places that need a transport improvement.
Findings from the study will contribute to the understanding of current mobility needs in the area and inform future transport planning.
To access additional information about the project, please click here

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